InfaCare Review



Recently I was provided the opportunity to review the above two products for InfaCare. InfaCare is ultra-mild and pH balanced with long-lasting bubbles, recommended by hospital midwives and healthcare professionals alike.

Just before I write my review I would like to make it clear I was NOT paid to do this review, I was simply sent two tester products (shown above) and asked to do a review in return, so I have no reason to be un-truthful, biased or deceitful.

I had previously used the original InfaCare ultra-mild baby bath, I knew I really liked it so I was happy to review the product. However, I have to admit I was slightly worried about reviewing the ‘night-time- baby bath. I assumed the night-time baby bath would have no difference to the original, I was sceptical of the claims of easing bed-time and sleep.

So as aforementioned I have used the original baby bath before, so I set a routine for bed-time that I intended to use as a constant so I could compare the effect of the original and night-time formulas.

The first week I used the original formula, then used the night-time baby bath for the following two weeks, the first thing I noted was Emily-Grace did genuinely tend to settle down slightly quicker for bed and fall to sleep far faster. This could just be a placebo effect, I didn’t time anything or go to great lengths to prove anything but as a Mum I found Emily did settle for bed-time a lot quicker, drifting off into a deeper sleep overall. This thought is also championed and supported by over 70% of all Mum’s across the country who deem it ‘ideal’ for bed-time. (This isn’t a miracle cure but every little helps.)


So – the product in general, there are two size choices to buy, from any ASDA, Boot’s, Lloyd’s  Pharmacy, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Wilkinson’s also Amazon and eBay stores. 400ml at Wilkinson’s retails for £1.80, 750ml at Boot’s retails for £3.49, however you can always look out for offers and cheaper retailers. The price is incredible for how long the baby bath lasts, it will last MONTHS, the tiniest bit creates soooooooo many bubbles so it is well worth the money. It is also clinically tested creating a natural pH for skin & hair, both formula’s are designed to prevent irritation and allergies. Plus an added bonus the gentle baby powdery, oriental scent is perfect for little ones!

Emily had always suffered with quite dry, flakey skin since being born so finding a baby-bath formula which is gentle yet has a nice scent was quite tricky until I started using InfaCare, both the original and night-time formulas work great for her…compared to a previously used well known brand which dried her skin out and caused it to flake.


A bath time routine idea can also be found over on the InfaCare official website…adapt to suit your needs (link below)

Bath Time Routine Idea From InfaCare


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