Christmas Eve box for a toddler

I haven’t posted in so long I barely even remember how to produce a blog post but I thought what better way to get back into the swing of things than with a Christmas themed post.

Making a Christmas Eve box for a child who will be almost 14 months on Christmas Eve was a little tricky to begin with as they really don’t understand the concept of Christmas. So I thought if anyone else was struggling I would provide some ideas of what to include. I hope this helps of you’re struggling for inspiration, if you enjoy reading this please subscribe as there will be more posts soon.

  • No Christmas Eve box would be complete without Christmas pyjama’s so that was the first thing that went in. Pyjama’s I purchased can be found here.
  • Another staple Christmas Eve box item is chocolate, I brought a share pack of buttons for when we all snuggle down for a Christmas film.
  • A Christmas DVD is an essential tradition in our family on Christmas Eve, follow the link for the DVD we chose. Peppa Pig Christmas DVD
  • The next items in the Christmas Eve box is a Santa treat plate, a milk bottle and some magical reindeer food, this is really good as it can be re-used each year (can be seen in image above.) If you would like to purchase these yourself check out Vellamaes Instagram.
  • In the Christmas Eve box there are multiple story books, purchased from our local Dobbie’s garden center. One book comes with a small toy elf, the other named Santa’s workshop is a pop-up book creating a 3D magic. Unfortunately I cannot find these on the website.
  • Although I’m not sure Emily will be old enough to be able to grasp the concept of colouring in, I have included a pack of thick felt tips and a colouring book, purchased from the pound shop.
  • Lastly Christmas Eve is never complete without a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, I purchased a cutesy snowman jarred style hot chocolate set from zacandlilybake, so to buy it yourself or to check out some of their Christmas baking kits just follow the link.
  • For the actual box itself I brought a storage chest from TK Maxx, although I cannot find it on their website to link for you they had a variety in my local store all under £10 and they do fit quite a lot in. I filled the bottom of the box with shredded brown paper (out of my Vellamaes delivery box) and tied ribbon around each item which was very inexpensive from Home Bargains.

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