Top 10 presents for a 1 year old

With Christmas right around the corner I thought a blog post on my top 10 present ideas for a 1 year old.

1) Little Tikes Princess Horse and Carriage – £79.97

I think this is such a magical present for a little girl and there are some amazing deals on over Black friday weekend and potentially Cyber Monday.

2) Pop-A-Ball Pit – £47.99

We already have this ball-pit and it was worth every penny. It includes levers to fling the balls, flaps that open and close to allow them to roll down the ramps and the hoop counts with your child as they throw balls through it. The main aim is to teach cause and effect. The only negative about it is you only get 30 balls, so I would advise buying another pack of balls.

3) Early Learning Center Wooden Activity Table – £31.99

We also have this, it was a birthday present but it perfect for a 1 year old. I have a love for traditional wooden toys and this activity table has an abacus, a shape sorter, a magentic fishing rod to catch fish out of the little pocket in the middle, turning cogs and a xylophone so major value for money.

4) Fisher Price Bounce and Spin Zebra (Pink) – £58.99

This is one of the presents Emily will be getting for Christmas, the main aim of this toy is to encourage physical development and balance which is perfect to help with walking. This is also available in a black/white/green version if you would prefer a more gender neutral version.

5) Leapfrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party – £16.99

This is another present Emily got for her birthday and it it has really encouraged her role play skills. The teapot is interactive and makes pouring noises.

6) LeapFrog shapes and sharing picnic basket – £17.59

This is a present we have also brought for Emily, I think LeapFrog are so good for toys that encourage role play and imagination.

7) Nattou Rocker – Nina the Rabbit – £96.99

This is one of the presents that my parents have got Emily for Christmas. These rockers are perfect for younger children as they have a seat unlike a traditional rocking horse which isn’t practical for a small child. Although this seems quite pricey it is very high quality and will be kept and used for many years. There are multiple varieties of this toy from various different places.

8) Little Tikes Swim To Me Puppy – £22.49

This is another present which my parents have brought for Emily. I love this present as it’s main use is intended as a bath toy so it swims along in the bath but you can also walk it using a leash on dry-land, again encouraging role play, encourage walking and saving money have 2 toys in 1.

9) Fisher Price Dance and Move Beatbelle – £28.99

Emily got this toy for her Birthday and it is one of her most used toys. It encourages your child to sing, dance, learn different colours and repeating words. The various different modes and stages means this toy will last your child for quite a while and really aid development. Even for a young baby the bright lights would be great for sensory.

10) Smoby Baby Balade Trike – £53.99

We brought Emily this in the Summer, as soon as she could sit up for a decent amount of time confidently. The style of this trike means it can be used from 10 months to 4 years as it grows with your child and allows them to learn to ride a tricycle independently eventually. This is also one of the cheapest type of this toy on the market but still excellent quality.

So there we have it, my top 10 Christmas present ideas for a 1 year old. I hope you enjoyed, please remember to like and subscribe.

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