Festive Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is an absolute essential over the Christmas period. Recently the hot drinks market seems to have exploded and there are so many variations of each drink, so I thought I would share how I make a hot chocolate for those cosy nights infront of the tv.

From Costa to Starbuck’s to your independent coffee shops, everywhere seems to put their own twist on the standard hot chocolate.

How I make my hot chocolate:

1) I’m not ok with making a hot chocolate up with water so first of all I empty the amount of milk I require, for the number of drinks I’m making, into a pan and heat it up on the stove (or a few mins in the microwave if I’m being lazy.)

2) Next I will gradually add hot chocolate powder (Cadbury’s is my favourite,) until I have the desired strength of chocolate flavour. Normally 3 heaped scoops per mug.

3) I then remove the hot chocolate from the heat and pour into mugs, I will then sprinkle in a handful of mini-marshmallows to create a melted marshmallow layer and this helps to keep the cream on top for longer.

4) After this I will add a generous pile of cream to the top and dust with some edible gold stars and sift a sprinkle of chocolate powder on top. Sometimes I will add on a mini gingerbread man, just to be a little bit extra

So that is a relatively standard hot chocolate, however there are so many ways you can jazz it up. One of my favourites is to add a glug or two of Bailey’s

Or if you would like to recreate the Costa Blackforest Hot Chocolate, then they use the Monin blackberry syrup which can be purchased here.

Monin also sell other various syrups of every flavour imaginable, a few favourites of mine are gingerbread, salted caramel and hazelnut.

You could also try experimenting with the milk you use, perhaps trying coconut or almond milk to create a different flavour overall.

I hope you are enjoying my Blogmas posts, if you are please remember to like and subscribe. Merry Christmas x

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