Top picks: Christmas Films

If you’re anything like me you started watching Christmas films in October. Here’s my list of my favourite Christmas films.

1) Annabelle’s Wish – This is the most nostalgic Christmas film, this film was made the year I was born and is perfect for children and adults alike.

2) The Holiday – If you haven’t watched this already, think a Christmas film combined with a rom-com.

3) Elf – One of the sweetest and funniest films out there, if you are looking for a film that is perfect for the whole family and jam-packed with Yuletide cheer then Elf is the perfect choice.

4) It’s A Wonderful Life – This is a black and white, traditional Christmas film. The simplicity of this film radiates the true meaning of Christmas and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

5) Miracle on 34th Street – After watching this in play at the theatre a few years ago it is one of my favourite Christmas films, it is very modern and really humbles you and makes you remember the true meaning of Christmas, instilling Christmas spirit and cheer.

6) Home Alone – Need I say more? Is it even Christmas if Home alone hasn’t been on the TV at least 3 times. I find this is one of those ‘background’ films that I never fully pay attention to.

7) The Polar Express – Another super festive film, that portrays to children the magic of Christmas and to adults the belief and innocence that children hold. Every time a bell tinkles it reminds me of this film.

8) Love Actually – A perfect film to watch as an adult (not child friendly.) The film is set all around love and the complex issues it sparks.

These are my top 8 Christmas films, what are your favourites? I hope you are enjoying Blogmas, as always please like and subscribe. MERRY CHRISTMAS X

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