Christmas Decorations

I thought I would share a few Christmas decoration pieces, for the tree and for the home.

Block calendars like this are great for all year round but are also good for the Christmas countdown.

These tree decorations look quite expensive but they were just a couple of pounds each from Tesco and they have a 3 for 2 offer on.

Small present boxes for either under the tree or elsewhere in the house really add to the Christmas feel, just a small bonus that these were also glittery.

Festive tealight burners are also really effective decorations, if you don’t want an actual flame opt for electric tealights.

This rustic, wintery looking tree was from The Range, this adds a woodland Christmassy feel to the decor whilst still being very sophisticated.

Who doesn’t want stacking cups that form a snowman?

Also, if you want a few decorations that are multifunctional and ok to leave out year round, the fairylight filled lantern is a perfect option

I think busy Christmas trees are the best…and artificial doesn’t mean it won’t look just as good as the real deal.

Angels and stars are so mainstream, o why not have a crown tree topper?


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