Christmas Dessert Ideas

Christmas desserts are a little over the top, dusted in far too much edible gold and contain an obscene amount of calories but Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without some of them.

It takes a few hours after Christmas dinner but eventually my Mum always gets up and asks “Does anyone want dessert yet?” And we all ask for a little bit…we end up with a bowl full.

My favourite dessert has to be a raspberry pavlova. Christmas 2015 I’d had far too much prosecco, after dinner I went to bed for 3 hours and woke up when everyone else was having dessert. Nobody else wanted pavlova so I sat and ate a whole one. Yep. Now I’d sit and eat a whole one…just sober. I’m not great at baking so this year I’ll be getting Tesco’s frozen raspberry pavlova for £2.00.

The next most loved dessert in our family is a good stack of profiteroles. My brother can eat ten portions of profiteroles and still want more, so this year I have chosen a rather large stack of profiteroles that you stack and decorate yourself. These can be purchased from Tesco, as part of their finest range, for £15.00.

Although not strictly Christmassy a trifle is a welcomed dessert. My Dad is the main trifle eater on Christmas Day but he isn’t overly keen on the sherry versions so we shall be opting for a Tesco Strawberry Trifle for £2.50

A very traditional Christmas dessert has to be Christmas Pudding. Christmas pudding doesn’t seem a very popular dessert but if you do have one guest who would like some you can but individual puddings so you aren’t wasting money buying the full sized version for it to be left. I found an individual pudding from the Tesco finest range for £1.50

Another obvious Christmas dessert is Christmas cake. Although my family do enjoy Christmas cake we tend to eat it on the run up to Christmas rather than Christmas day. But if you are looking for a decorated Christmas cake look no further than this one from Tesco featuring a Christmas tree. This is a 1kg cake that serves 18 for £8.00.

Last but by no means least a slightly less traditional dessert for Christmas is cheesecake. Cheesecake is normally a relatively cheap and easy option but still very yummy and available in many flavours. I have chosen to feature a plain vanilla cheesecake again from Tesco, this costs £4.00 and serves 6.

That is the end of my Christmas dessert ideas, of you enjoyed please don’t forget to like and subscribe.

I am in no way partnered with Tesco for this post it is just the supermarket I will be using for my own Christmas shopping.


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