Newborn Essentials – Useful or Useless

I’m a Mum to one, by no means an expert but I wish someone had told me what was worth it and what was a complete waste of money.

Every baby is different, so just before I start… 1) I’m not an expert 2) If you don’t agree that is fine.

USEFUL – Sleeping Bags

In the first few weeks a baby doesn’t really have any strength to kick off blankets so you can tuck them securely underneath them knowing they won’t get cold or move them over their face. However, the inbetween stage where you’re not sure they could get a blanket off their face and they have no concept of keeping the blankets on for warmth, sleeping bags are a life-saver. Make sure you get the right size for your baby and the right tog for the temperature. It put my mind at ease knowing Emily was zipped and buttoned securely and warm enough throughout the night.

USELESS – A steriliser and bottle warmer

For me there was no use for a steriliser as I had brought the MAM self sterilising bottles which were so much easier.

The bottle warmer honestly took far too long and was too much hassle. (The AVENT one which we had brought also wasn’t big enough for MAM bottles.)

USEFUL – A cosy nest

When I brought this I felt like I’d just wasted almost £40 on the cheapest, glorified rubber ring. But it turned out to be the most useful newborn item we had. The centre is hollow surrounded by a ring, creating a nest like environment when the cover is over the top. This allows babies to feel cuddled and secure whilst allowing you a bit of time to do what you want. Emily had a few naps in here and would happily lay in it for quite a while. (Always supervise.)

USELESS – A changing table

This wasn’t entirely useless for us as we wanted the Mama’s and Papa’s drawers for their sturdiness, with the idea that they will last (which they have.) However the top was a changing table which we had a dimpled fabric Claire De Lune changing pad on and it has probably been used 3 times. When you have a new baby you are very unlikely to go all the way upstairs to change your baby. In fact, you might hardly use a changing mat at all.

USEFUL – A pram with a carrycot

People are normally quite torn about whether a bulky pram with a carrycot is worth it. I would say if you have boot space and it is practical for what you intend to use it for then definitely do.

We had the Cosatto Giggle Ooh LaLa (shown above) and it had the carrycot and pushchair attachments. We rarely used the pushchair but the carrycot was so useful when out and about to keep Emily warm and for her to have a nap. I also think a good quality pram provides a lot more support and a smoother ride for those tiny little newborn outings.

USELESS – Car bottle warmers

I brought one of these, obviously with the hope of warming bottles on the go. I’m not sure why I thought a car fag-lighter would have enough power to hest a bottle before the turn of the next century but I did…and it was a great big waste of money. You would have to have it plugged in hours to get a luke warm bottle. Stick to a jug of hot water.

USEFUL – A Moses basket

Some people disagree but we had an amazing, white wicker Noah pod style Moses basket and loved it. I loved that they were quite long so it was easier to keep Emily in with us for a bit longwr before she was ready to move into her own room and her own cot.

USELESS – A baby blender/puree maker

What is the difference between your run of the mill blender or food processor and a baby puree maker. The latter is smaller, harder to clean and more expensive. Seriously either use the blender you already have or buy a relatively cheap one.

If you have any more suggestions to add to this least please comment below or message me. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, if you have please remember to like and subscribe x


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