Aspiring Midwife


Interviews can be one of the most crucial times are a persons life, meaning it is often one of the most nerve wracking. Interviews often lead you to the next chapter in your life, meaning that you are progressing to something better than what you have left behind (normally.) This post was scheduled to be about Veganism but I just didn’t have the heart to write it, which normally means when I read it back I know it isn’t great content which is a waste of both our times. So instead I’m writing about interviews.

I was unsure whether to bring the journey I’ve embarked on onto my blog, mainly because it is a journey into a highly competitive profession with lots of hurdles that I could easily stumble upon along the way or even worse, I could FAIL! After some thought I have decided my blog is my space, it is honest and it is reflective of what is going on in my life right now. Family and friends all know about my journey and they are the only peoples opinions who truly count so I thought why not and maybe it might help one of you.

That was very vague, basically right now I’m over half way through my Access to HE Health Professionals course in the hope of starting university as a student Midwife in September this year. Those of you who have been through UCAS before or maybe you’re on that long road now, waiting around for interview dates and offers will know this is the time of year where reality kicks in. It’s time to pull your socks up and give 110%, get the grades you need whilst balancing everything else in your life (or not in my case.)

Midwifery is a very oversubscribed course and I already feel so lucky that I have interviews from my top three universities but the reality has hit that I need to smash these interviews to prove that I am worth one of their very few spaces more so than the other 1000 applicants. I’m sure I read earlier on Whichuni that for every 30 spaces universities have on their midwifery course it isn’t unusual to have over 1000 applicants. So I’m sat, on my Saturday night doing assignments and preparing for my first interview and I have all the feels right now – What if I’m not good enough? What if they don’t like me? Are my answers to predicted questions good enough?

This obviously isn’t just aimed at Midwifery interviews, or even Uni interviews. Interviews are so scary, especially if it is something that you need to be able to progress onto the next stage in your career or education. Putting yourself in front of somebody or multiple people sometimes and having to explain why you basically deserve a place at that establishment, knowing each answer they will scrutinise to compare you against other candidates is the worse feeling.

My interview Wednesday requires you to pass an English and Math’s paper before even being interviewed and if you don’t pass you are sent home at lunch. This is a very brutal selection process which could essentially knock my confidence if it doesn’t go well which could impact other interviews I have.

I’ve known people have to pass similar things to get onto other forms further education and jobs. Sometimes you may be genuinely more suitable than another candidate and be able to do the job far better but the hurdles to syphon it down to fewer numbers means you don’t always get the chance.

My advice to myself and to you is not to see it as failing if you don’t get it. See it as a lesson to try harder, practice more, prepare more and be more confident next time. Sell yourself, make yourself sound like the best, prove you deserve it more than anyone else. If you want it enough try again, look into other routes to the same destination and most of all don’t give up.

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